Create vis. plugin displaying all dashboards


I would like to ask simple question. I would like to create visualization plugin that will show up list of all dashboards (dashboards menu).

Is there some way how to to get from .bikana index list of all dashboards ? Or some other common way how to create dashboard menu?


i don't fully understand your question but i can give you few starting steps:

  1. first you need to define your index pattern. go to management->index patterns and add a new one named .kibana and uncheck "contains time events" checkbox.

  2. now with your index pattern added, you can go to discover tab and select your .kibana index pattern

  3. put _type:dashboard into the searchbox .... this will return only your visualizations back

let me know if this goes into the right direction and what exactly would you want to achieve. i dont think our current visualizations are able to display data as is ... you should do a metric or aggregation on top of it ... which doesnt make much sense in this scenario ...

Hi. Thanks for your answer.

Ok, ill give you little bit more specifications about my problem. When i want to open one of my dashboards, i need to use " Load saved dashboard " and select it. In my opinion this is not so user friendly UI. So, i want to create my own dashboard menu as my own custom visualization. For now i solve my problem by HTML widget plugin and define static links to all my dashboards like this:

But i would like to know, if is possible to do this by custom visualization and generate this list of dashboards automatically from .kibana index?

Hey Danndy355,

I would start by forking the HTML Widget plugin and modifying it's html.html file to use the saved-object-finder directive. This directive is what renders the object selector in the dashboard load dropdown.

<saved-object-finder type="dashboards"></saved-object-finder>