Creating a time-based chart which scales from 1y to seconds

Resolved - 8/3/2016

Used a bar chart instead of line chart (see below)


  • Same functionality
  • Avoids the fact that lines need more than 1 data point (geometry :frowning:) bars do not :smile:

Original Question

I'm wondering if it is possible to modify the Time-Filter selector from within a visualization on a dashboard?

The reason I need this is because I want to start with this visualization (1 year zoom) Each line is a pcap file with a number of time stamped packets:

And zoom into the view of the packets (a 5 second time span):

Notice I cannot do this with the click and drag as I get this terrible screen in-between zooms. Is there anyway to disable this screen and have it just show the 1 data point until I zoom in further?

^ That is zoomed into the day but it's not split on the second yet so it only shows one data point :frowning:

Kibana 4.5.3

If you click the Save icon for your Dashboard, there is a checkbox that allows you to store the time along with the saved dashboard:

Is that pretty much what you are looking for?

Sadly no. I want to allow a single dashboard to display all uploaded files. Then allow the user to filter to there specific file. Which means that all dashboard times must be dynamic not relative.

Example: It's 7-25-2016 >> User uploads a pcap file from 5-31-2016 >> The file involves 5 seconds of packet capture between 12:31:30 & 12:31:35 >> The chart must dynamically show these 5 seconds or allow the user to select these 5 seconds

Resolved by moving to a bar chart which doesn't need >1 data point :confused: (I know a line needs 2 points but it's still dumb)

Then the user can use the click and drag zoom in Kibana to further investigate the chart. Resulting chart:

Ah, ok. So the issue was specific to a line chart.

Yup, thanks for the help!