Creating dynamic dashboards depending on a field or filter?

I'm trying to generate dynamic graphs and dashboards, for example lets say I'm having a field called operator id, where values for it could be sequentially added on towards the future. So where as I'm giving the user the iframe url in order to view the dashboard.

So what I'm trying to ask is, is it possible to let the user to select the operator id from a drop down or maybe any other ui components within Kibana, so that Kibana would show the appropriate graph, where I shouldn't be creating graphs or dashboards manually to all the operator ids.

Instead if it has a template kinda graph, whenever the user selects an operator id, the graph should change accordingly. So for this to be possible, is there a way to write a script in order for Kibana to create those graphs dynamically?

I went through this ticket, which almost says that this feature has been missing after the Kibana v3. Hence this ticket gives a work around to generate the graphs based on the url. I'm not sure how feasible this is?

I'm currently using Kibana 5.0!

Hope I'm clear with the question. Any help could be appreciated.

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Just wanting to make sure I understand... You will be embedding a dashboard in an iframe and providing external controls (such as operator_id dropdown) to modify the URL of the iframe? That sounds feasible enough.

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