Custom TCP port numbers instead of 9200 for elasticsearch

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As a security best practices, i would like to change the http.port number from 9200 to custom tcp port number.?? Please share the some reference documents

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Team, Please let me know if any more help is needed on this query??

This is in the documentation, you just need to change the value of http.port on your elasticsearch.yml and restart elasticsearch.

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Thanks Leandro Pereira for the information, let me reproduce it in my local by the way Please don't close the discussion. more over any TCP PORT RANGE can only used customised (i'm planning to use 2000-3000 of TCP) hence double checking with you.

More over "server.port: 5601" of kibana can we change to 443 or some other custom port.

We are currently running 8.9.X latest version of ESK cluster.

Hi @Penchala_Abhilash_Mu

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Elasticsearch and Kibana ports are configurable per the documentation you can set them as you please to any reasonable port.

443 is fine for Kibana
As well as Elasticsearch HTTP/S interface
The Elasticsearch transport interface just needs to be run on a different port than the HTTP/S interface.

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