Customized Dashboard in Kibana

HI, I have a specific requirement. Just wanted to check if its possible in Kibana.

I have few jenkins jobs which are internally connected that executes one after the other based on the success or failure.

Dev --> Qa --> UAT -- Prod and every stage has few jenkins jobs.

Dev == git checkout, compile, junits, create artifact.
qa == configure env, deploy, run selenium tests.

There are few different products with similar work flow. Is there a way I can configure this in Kibana.

I want to show this pipeline on dashboard and show details after drill down. Attached a sample picture just for clear idea. I am open to suggestion.


The only way to accomplish something similar to this right now would be to create a markdown visualization with custom links, but unfortunately it wouldn't look nearly as nice!

@lukas Thanks for your reply. If I take that approach does it have a drill-down feature?

One more question. I have multiple jenkins instances and I want to get results for individual jenkins job from jenkins api. Is there any way I could accomplish in Elastic stack. I want to minimize installation of any thing on Jenkins. But if its mandatory I', fine to install it.

Can you please share me the how to page for creating markdown visualization.

Unfortunately it's not a true "drill-down".

Info about creating a markdown visualization:

Unfortunately I don't have much information on how to get results from a Jenkins API, but you might have more luck in the #elasticsearch forums.


Is there a way I can add custom color alerts to this markdown. When Jenkins job is in progress I want it to be flashing orange. Is it possible to accomplish?

I can't think of any way to accomplish it at the current time, but it may be possible using a Vega visualization.


I saw Vega visualization. But I only graphs in examples provided. I am not sure how I can use a markdown in vega. Can you please share me if you have any examples. Thanks. Also I saw demo of canvas can I accomplish this in canvas. I don't see much info on canvas online.

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