Daily SLA Dashboard based on report completion time

Hi All ,

we have 1000+ daily reports and each report will complete different time in different day for ex: (report A completed on monday 2pm, wed 3pm etc).

By monitoring 3 months data i am going to select max completion time for that day and going to setup SLA for the report with max completion time + 2 hrs

and planing to send alerting/ create a dashboard when the report exceeds that time. EX: Report A completed 6 pm on monday (thats max completed time in 3 months ) so i wanted to create a dashboard whenever Report A exceeds 8 pm (6pm +2hr) on monday that will fall in to Monday alerting list and this dashboard should have day wise alerting list like monday, tuesday etc..

Any advice for creating such dashboards ??

we are using timelion graphs any other options?

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