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Dear Community,
Im running Kibana 8.4.3 and want to create a speacial typ of visulization.
I'm analysing my my flow and Im interessted into the MSD ID and the timestamp (I want to see the newest on the top).
Right now I'm using "Top N" and "Count" but thats not really a bit benefit, because on the next step I want to a drilldown chart and see the (one or more ) recipient(s) and sender(s).
Can you give my a pointer how to create this dashboard?

@moep use a aggregation based visualization or use a simple bar chart with top n function under the lens of Kibana and use drilldown functionality where clicking on the drilldown would take you to another visualization which would give the details about that particular record.

Hello @Rajsekhar_Haldar1
right now Im using this visualization. See the attachment. Whats the best way to realize it?

Hi @moep ,
The way which I was suggesting was to click on dashboards in Kibana and then click on create new dashboard inside that click on visualization type to be aggregation based and then select the required field and you would get the count of records for that particular field automatically and then you can add a drilldown for a particular record to dig deep into that particular record.

  1. Link to add aggregation based visualization.
  2. Link to add drilldowns.

Another easy method to do it is instead of using aggregation based visualization you can use the discover app in Kibana and search for the particular field type that is MSD ID and timestamp that will display data of only those field in a tabular format below the bar graph of discover (which shows the document distribution w.r.t time) and then sort the table as want to see the newest records on the top by sorting it according to timestamp and then save your search, then, you go to dashboards of Kibana and use that saved search from the option use from library and then add the drilldown.
Link on saved searches and how to use it.

for right now would mark it as a solution.
Thx :slight_smile:

@moep Thank you.

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