Dashboard drilldown does not carry filters from the panel of origin

I've created 2 dashboards: a macro view and a detailed view.

In the macro view I have a series of lens panels that filter the index to show metrics from different AWS services. I configured each panel to drill down into a detailed view where I want to present CPU/memory/logs for the selected service.

When I click the panel, the detailed dashboard loads but it only carries the filters from the original dashboard, not the panel filters. The only filter besides that from the dashboard of origin is one by the metric field used in the panel, accepting a value of "*" (which I believe makes the filter unnecessary).

This only happens when I drill down to a dashboard. The drill down to Discover preserves the panel filter.


  • drill down to dashboard filter: aws.ecs.metrics.CPUUtilization.avg: *
  • drill down to Discover filter: ((aws.dimensions.ServiceName:"my-service-name") AND (aws.ecs.metrics.CPUUtilization.avg: *))

(I still dont see the for the aws.ecs.metrics.CPUUtilization.avg: *.)

Is there a way to preserve the origin's dashboard and panel filters when drilling down to another dashboard, other than manually contructing a URL?


Can you please let me know what is the version of the stack?


Hi, Bhavya!

We are using Elastic Cloud 8.5.2.



We got a bug here - Panel filters don't get passed down when user has a dashboard drilldown · Issue #147154 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Thanks for posting your query and helping us uncover this.

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