Data Table Action column


I'm trying to migrate a Kibana 3 panel to a Kibana 4.1.2 data table. The old Kibana 3 panel had an "action" column allowing to include or exclude a field. Unfortunately, the Kibana 4.1.2 only allows for including fields in the search. To exclude it, you first have to include the search term and then manually invert it.

Is there a way to immediately exclude the field from the search instead of first including it and then inverting it? This would more intuitive and easier to use for my users who're used to the Kibana 3 dashboards.

TLDR: How to filter OUT values directly from a data table?

I believe this is a change in methodology in 4. If you'd like to have the option for exclusion then please raise a feature request on Github :slight_smile: