Visualization in Kibana - Data formatting options

I have inserted sample data into elasticsearch .PFA the sample dummy data

I need it to visualize that in a tabular format by including only the columns given in the elasticsearch index and columns as header.

Output should skip columns like _id,_type,_index,_score and other columns are required only once on top.

Right now I am using kibana 4.3

You should create a saved search, then if you expand one row of your data, you will see all the fields and next to each field there is a "book icon" which on hover should say "toggle column in table". clicking that will only show that column in the table (unless you expand a row).

Hi Peter,
I was able to edit the search table in a better way from Settings.
Click on Settings
Click on Search
Click on specific search – say ‘abc’
Select using click and click on second icon
Add the required one in available fields
Go to dashboard open the required dashboard
add that search and save it

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