Kibana Template for Visualization

Hi All ,

Just have some doubts on How to create a template for the selected fields in Kibana . For ex , If I have the following fields in the logs .

Name,Age,Height,City,Country,Language .

I need to create a template which contains only 3 columns 'Name','Age','Height' . I want to save this template and whenever I click it only display these 3 columns 'Name','Age','Height' .

Is there any way to accomplish this in Kibana . I would be really thankful for any of the inputs on this .


@Jinu welcome! If you're looking to just create a single filtered view of an index, then you can use Discover to do filtering/aggregation of items inside of ElasticSearch (a docsite is here on that: Once there, you can select what columns you want to appear inside that table.

As far as creating a shareable template that is "imported" across indexes, I'm not aware of anything that can do this. If you can filter the index inside of ElasticSearch then it'll come through that way inside of Kibana as well (unless it's needed elsewhere).

Let me know if that helps or if I'm missing something!

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Thankyou so much @joelgriffith for your valuable time and inputs on this question . I will go through the link suggested .

Hi @joelgriffith,

Can we create in advance the template for specific fields for any index and then import it in Kibana .

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