Date Histogram - there are too many series defined

I have set up Kibana and I am looking at the system overview dashboard for Metricbeat and there is a visualization that is showing the below error,
there are too many series defined
I have 242 hosts which I assume is the issue but I was wondering if I can change it to display for all 242 hosts?

I have also noticed other visualizations are only showing around 20-25 hosts at a time, is there any way to change these to display all? I cant see an option for it anywhere

Yes, I think the problem is that this one visualization is trying to display 242 lines. I wonder if you will even be able to distinguish the lines from one another with such a dense chart. Can you live with showing just the top 20 or 50?

I've just become aware of an update, we're working on an improvement, something like a Waffle Chart visualization which will allow more data points to be clearly seen and understood in a single chart. This issue is currently in a private repo, unfortunately ( But I'm asking to see if that repo can be made public, so people in the community can follow the developments.

Here's a recording of the upcoming waffle chart (among other things) in Beats:

I can live with the top 20/50 displaying I am just unable to see how to limit it to that as its not even showing them when I set the value to 20,
As for Data tables which I have created to show disk usage % for example only shows around 20-25 hosts at a time and each time it refreshes it shows a different set of hosts so it its like its able to pull the data through but it randomly chooses 20-25 to display at a time, is this an issue/limit set somewhere else or something I may have done wrong

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