Diff between sets of elasticsearch documents

(Eva Dobrikova) #1

I’m reaching out to see whether anyone has been solving similar problem as us and could advise on the most efficient approach.

We are developing a dashboard solution using elasticsearch & kibana. We parse results of various static analysis tools (using our custom-built parser), store them in elasticsearch (each issue found in static analysis as a separate document; issues coming from one static analysis run have a same correlationId which links them). Then we have kibana visualizations built over them.

We would like to show list of introduced and fixed issues between static analysis scan A and static analysis scan B.

Does elasticsearch have feature that could be used for that, or do we need to just query the data and do the diff ourselves in a custom component?

Thank you in advance for thoughts and ideas,

(Thomas Millward Wright ) #2

Hey Eva,

I am just starting to look into solving a similar problem and would be interested to hear how you got on with this.

Cheers & kind regards