Does Cloud Workload Protection requires license?

Hello, I just updated to v8.x from 7.x, and Im curious about Cloud Workload Protection.

I saw that it is necessary to have a license for CIS benchmarking Kubernetes (findings section in Elastic Security), but for protecting Kubernetes workloads (process, file, network level with detection rules) like pods, containers, is it necessary a paid license? Because Im concerned that to use the Session View you have to pay a minimum license, but is it necessary for kuberentes workloads?

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Hi German_Bravo,

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AFAIK we can collect process,file,network data with basic license by installing Elastic endpoint and can prevent from malware also with basic license.

For more details.

Hi @Venkata_Raja, thanks for your response, but is it possible in a Kubernetes environment like Amazon EKS?

In Amazon EKS, I can't install Elastic Agent as a Linux service directly, because we dont have an administrative and interactive console access to the cluster nodes, we can only deploy k8s resources (configmas, operators, pods, ...)

How can we protect with Elastic Security from Elastic Agent a containarized environment (cloud workloads as pods, containers) like Amazon EKS with a Free License?

Any help on this case?

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