Downgrade the license to basic

how to downgrade license from - trial to basic as we are getting below error

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"security_exception","reason":"current license is non-compliant for [security]","license.expired.feature":"security"}],"type":"security_exception","reason":"current license is non-compliant for [security]","license.expired.feature":"security"},"status":4

What is your Elastic version?

ES version is 8.8.2

Vinayaka Holla

Where is the error message coming from? Could you share a bit more of the context?

i'm asking because the basic license contains security so I'm wondering what is the full picture here.

BTW Here is the process

But What other security features are you using? SAML? Document level security?

Normal Auth / Auth and TLS Are part of Basic license

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