DrillDown Dashboards: Navigation to previous Dashboard

Hi all,
We have a set of dashboards (All in Kibana) which goes like this:
[High-level Overview] --> [Detailed Overview] --> [Deep link]

We did all these using vega visualizations for these dashboards.
All works well, the only problem we have is that we cannot click on the back button on the browser as it has multiple hops.
We see the only way is to right-click on the back and select the oldest entry with the same name.

in Web Browser, we could use :

but don't work on Mobile Web Browser.

Is there a way we can have a solution for like trail navigation on every dashboard which shows the previous dashboard.


I don't think we have a great way to achieve this in Kibana today. There is a related ticket in Github you could add a comment to or you could create your own ticket specific to this need if you'd like.

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