Drilldown filtering does not make sense

I am trying to use the new drilldown feature for the Kibana dashboards.
I have 2 dashboards

  1. Abusive IPs : This dashboard shows a table of IPs that are showing abusive behavior
  2. Drilldown IP: This dashboard shows a time histogram, country name associated with IP, pie chart showing pages/URL accessed etc.

When I access the dashboard 2 via drilldown feature from dashboard 1 for the first time, correct IP filter is applied

When I try to access the dashboard 2 again using drilldown feature, it does not remove the first filter. As a result, there are 2 IP filters applied to second dashboard. This does not make sense to me (the objective is to get the drilldown data with a given set of filters and not link it to past queries). Is there a way to reset the filters before applying another set of filters?

There is a setting to ignore the filter currently on the dashboard. For the drill you can choose time and filters as optional, unique to each drill. Sometimes you will want to pass the filter, other times like this you can choose not to.

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