Elasticsearch changes encoding through "import geojson"

we've got elasticsearch 7.8.1,
when I import geojson file with coordinates of polish counties, elasticsearch creates index, but changes encoding of polish characters like "ę,ś,ć,ź,ń,ą,ł".

I imported sth like this:
[21.7874,50.0984],....,[21.8034,50.1514]]]},"properties":{"id":1,"name":"ropczycko- sędziszowski"},"id":0},

(full json file is available here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ppatrzyk/polska-geojson/master/powiaty/powiaty-min.geojson )

and in discovery I get this:

Is there any solution for this bug?


You need to make sure that your json is using UTF8.

If you are using Kibana Maps to upload your GeoJSON file, there was an encoding issue that was fixed for 7.11

Your GeoJSON file loads just fine in 7.11 :point_down:


Great, thank you - that's exacly what I needed

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