"Elasticsearch" integration not displaying data in [Elasticsearch] Ingest Pipelines dashboard

The [Elasticsearch] Ingest Pipelines dashboard has very limited visualisations populated with data. Please see the screenshot.
Is it that the dashboards aren't setup correctly or is there some other issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mark_Duncan,
i can see the problem, probably you selected a range of time too short. You can change the range in the top left corner.
Let me know if that solve your problem.

I've set to a day, but still nothing.

Well, except for a single metric which worked with the 15 mins timeframe, too....

Nodes running pipelines : 15

Ok, maybe send me some screenshot of the configuration you made in the single lens visualization.
Maybe changing the order of the data you can solve.
You can also try in the page "Discover" if you can see correctly your data.

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