Elasticsearch results representation

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I am getting all my results properly now thing is that I want timechart, piechart and bar chart to display data. can anyone help me regarding this or can guide to a tutorial where I can read from?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Check out Kibana, it's built entirely for this :slight_smile:

(Akhil Prashar) #3

Yes, I have done with kibana as you told me few days back. My results are being displayed in a browser in a php page and my boss wants those charts to be shown in that page only. Is there way charts from kibana can be displayed in that page or I have seen some google APIs if they can be merged into that page? Please tell me if any of the thing can be done.

(Mark Walkom) #4

You can embed dashboards via iframes, does that do what you want?

(Akhil Prashar) #5

I am rookie in this please don't mind if I say something silly. So, as per you if I show dashboard from iframes in my page. And previously my elasticsearch results are displayed in tabular form, if I do the iframe thing will it show table and chart in a same page?

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Thanks man, gonna read and try.

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