Elasticsearch time chart

I would like to create a time chart which searches a keyword through multiple indexes and finally forms a graph which shows the repetition of keyword through days. Can anyone help me with how to do this?

Yes, we can.

You will need to use Logstash, or similar, to structure the data and extract things like timestamp and the text into their own fields. Then use Kibana to build a graph.

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Thanks Mark, actually I am new to elasticsearch. Could you please explain a bit in detail or if you can provide me any link of tutorial or example so that I can understand things clearly?

I'd suggested you start with https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/5.5/getting-started-with-logstash.html, learn the basics and then come back to us with further questions :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark I have studied the link provided by you. I have installed logstash and filebeat. Now there is a thing that when we have to give the path of log files I am not able to understand what path should I give. As I have text files which I have indexed in elasticsearch and displaying the results via php interface.

If you have data in Elasticsearch already then install Kibana and see what you can build.
eg https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/5.5/getting-started.html, but you can skip the loading data part.

Yes I have data in elasticsearch. Does that mean I do not need logstash and filebeat?

No you don't.

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Thanks mate.
You are a gem

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