Empty buckets

I was trying to make a graph like how many cars sold per month.

And I used date histogram whose interval is one month for buckets. It seems good but I am wondering how it could also display empty buckets on the graph. For instance, there is no car sold in August. But I want it showing on the graph.

6.2 has this - https://www.elastic.co/blog/kibana-6-2-0-released :smiley:

My version is 6.1.2. Is it possible for this version to make empty buckets.

We don't backport features to already released version sorry, but an upgrade should be super simple!

Is there any simple way to upgrade ELK? Like terminal commands for elasiticsearh, logstash and kibana.

How did you install the Elastic Stack?

download zip or tar file from the website.

I just updated the logstash, and this is my interface now.

I chose "Daily" for the interval but it did not display every day on the graph.
What effect I wanted is to make X-axis more detailed even if there is no activity on that day.

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