Engineer 2 : Lab 3.1, no Kibana has been installed on server7

Hi there:
I was having trouble to restart the Kibana after I configured the security in Lab 3.1. I noticed that, I won't able to find Kibana installation directory when I ssh to server7 and I tried to install it but couldn't find the installation file. Is there anything I missed out?
Strange, I was able to launch the Kibana UI but I just won't able to restart to see the the security has been enabled. Please advise, thanks


Hi Selena,
thank you for reaching out. The labs expect you to use the Kibana that is running on server1. Stop it, and start it again with a new configuration that points to server7:

Let me know if you still have questions.


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Thanks Pablo. I was able to restart the Kibana from server1 but I received '502 Bad Gateway' error when I launched the Kibana. See the sequence of events,

  1. Stop(ctrl+c) and restart elasticsearch on server7
  2. Stop(ctrl+c) the Kibana on server1
  3. Run the command from the training notes (just like your screenshot) on server1.

I had this Bad Gateway from other labs and it will resolve by itself later. Oh, well maybe i just wait but let me know if you have clues how to resolve it quickly, thanks Pablo.

You should get 502 if Kibana did not start yet. In your case, it should start quickly. Maybe you are using the an old URL. Can you try again with the latest URL from your lab environment? Can you also send me the URL via private message? Thank you

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