Problem with running Kibana in Engineering II training

I'm taking the ElasticSearch Engineering II training.

According to the lab notes, for lab 3.1 (Securing ElasticSearch) I need to log into server7 and start Kibana.
However, server7 is not running Kibana. I'm not sure where I need to be to get this to work

Hi @James_Roberts

thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the labs.

Be aware that the "default" instance of Kibana is running on server1 and has no connection to server7.

However, the lab instructions for lesson 3.1 ask you in step 7 to start a second instance of Kibana on server7 with the following command: ./kibana/bin/kibana --elasticsearch.hosts="http://server7:9200" --elasticsearch.username=kibana_system --elasticsearch.password=<pwd> --server.port=5602 (please use the proper password)

Once done step 8 asks you to access this second instance of Kibana via a link similar to: http://<your dns name>:5602/app/kibana (note that we are connecting to this instance via port 5602)

Hope that was helpful.
If you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us again.

Good luck!


Yes, this is my understanding of whats needed.

But in server7 there is no instance of Kibana installed:

[elastic@server7 ~]$ pwd
[elastic@server7 ~]$ ls

There is no Kibana I can run here. (no kibana directory - or tar file).

When I try to run the server1 instance of Kibana connecting to server7 this does not give me a running version of kibana.

Thanks for the quick response


Hi @James_Roberts

my apologies. My instructions were not 100% correct. You are not supposed to start Kibana on server7, but rather stop the instance running on server1 and restart Kibana again with the parameters to connect to the elasticsearch node on server7.

Instructions of step 7:

Next, you are going to see how to use Kibana with security.
Navigate to the terminal window that has Kibana up and running.
Stop Kibana by pressing `ctrl+c` and then
run the following command to start Kibana connecting to `node7`.

Command to execute as of step 7:

./kibana/bin/kibana --elasticsearch.hosts="http://server7:9200" --elasticsearch.username=kibana_system --elasticsearch.password=<pwd> --server.port=5602

(please use the password for the kibana_system user)

I hope that will help. Cheers,

OK - I had tried this, and I could get Kibana to start without complaints.
However, I could not connect to Kibana from my web browser - Nginix gateway error.

I'm a bit hazy on which server connects from where in the Strigo environment, so I might have done something wrong there?
I guess I don't really know which server I end up connecting to.

To access Kibana you should follow the link provided in the lab instructions in step 8. It uses port 5602 (and not the default 5601).


Ah - thank you.
I hadn't noticed that the url on the link included the port!


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