Enhanced data table-Add image and on click it should download the log/excel file

Hello @fbaligand ,

1)Could you plz let me know if its possible to add image instead of hyperlink to download something?
In below image i have achived this through using enhanced table and as per my requirement my intention is to add some constant image instead of hyperlink to download my excel report from configured url path.

2): If you see below image the column headers are not always properly aligned,some go up and some below,I'd require them to be properly aligned.I'm not sure why this happens.I have multiple columns around 20,I see this isssue of column headers not maintaining proper constant structure.
system,id,start,end,input-looks good.
creation,status,duration,item list goes above-(Not properly aligned)
kibana 7.9.1
enhanced table 1.11.0

3)I've one date column and I'd like to know how in enhanced table I can show only those records that belong to previous month always.I'm aware that by using date range selection in panel or split the table then date histogram on month this can be done.
I just want to show previous month data in table.
ex:current month is April so I dont want data of april or other months,but always previous month data i.e enitre march month.Likewise every time previous month data only.
Not sure how to use row computed filter or computed column to achieve this.


  1. Well you can put whatever HTML you want, including image support with <IMG> tag.
    So you can check "use Template" and write <a href="www.mysite.com?key={{value}}"><img src="http://www.mysite.com/my-super-image.png"></a> as template.

  2. Well, it's not your fault, it is tied to table's HTML. You can consider it as an issue and could eventually open an issue on GitHub repository. Globally, this is because column title and "<>" image are sometimes rendered on 2 lines, because column title is too long.

  3. you can add this filter in your Kibana search bar or filter bar (that is stored with your visualization):
    my_date_field <= "now-1M/M"

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Hello @fbaligand ,

Thanx again for answering all my queries,I'll try all recommendation provided by you.
I'll put all solution related to enhanced table posted here,so that other future user get it handy.
We're using this plugin for most heavily and really appreciate your time to answer the queries with quick response. :smiley:

Many Thanx

Nice to see that you appreciate the plugin and my answers!

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