Enhanced Table Computed Columns can handle null values

Hello @fbaligand ,

I am using computed columns to show Hyperlink values. The issue I'm facing is that this columns not always contains the value and somethimes the data from backend itself is not available, hence computed columns are unable to handle null values.
I'd like to show the values if available and if not should show blank/null(-).Not sure how to handle this in cell computed css.Please suggest how to best handle this.
Version 8.8.2 -Enhanced Table.
For now what hack I am applying is that from backend if no value is there then I am sending its as empty string i.e " ". With this in kibana enhanced table it show (empty) ,but this don't work for date value(I would like to have consistency either everything should show - or empty), else its confusing. Second Imgae.


You should be able to do that in Formula:

col1 != null ? “url” : null


Thanx for your response.
In computed column if we send empty data then it shows as (empty), instead it should not show empty and should show dash(-).Reason being consistent format.If you refer column star,host,syslog are dash in above image and ID and Session is (empty) - here also it should show dash.
From backend itself data is not there then we send empty data i.e somevariable = " ",enhanced table interpret it and shows (empty).


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