ES Index Management through UI?

I've installed the OSS version of Kibana/ES, but I've loose ElasticSearch index management in the management tab UI.

So, I wonder...there are other ways (or plugins) for managing ES indexes through Kibana UI? (delete, edit, view and more)


Do you mean index lifecycle management?

I mean this tab:

But doesn't exist in the OSS version, I see only Index Patterns of Kibana.

That is correct. ILM and a lot of other features require the default distribution. Why are you installing the OSS distribution over the default one? I am not aware of any other plugins that offer that functionality.


Good question, I think because I've installed a security plugin that requires x-pack to be disabled and because I don't need all of the features of the default distribution, but only this one.

I wonder, why an end user should use the oss if the default one has the same features and more?

Usually due to internal licensing requirements, or personal preference.

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