ES sending multiple API query calls for a single query request for Dashboard

Hi all,

I'm using Kibana & ES for building a dashboard.

I have allotted 8GB of memory heap space for my ES which I feel is quite enough.
One of my data tables has slightly high number of documents i.e 14,000 documents.

The issue is it shows loading and if i check inspect it shows fetch request sent 20 times i.e request call being made 20 times instead of once.

Data table does load with all info after 5 minutes , but I want to fetch request only once instead of 20 times.

Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 1.24.28 PM

Unable to get any helpful leads in my logs. It is showing 200

Need help on what is going wrong?

It is impossible to read anything on your screenshot, it is too small.

What do you have in your dashboard? How many visualizations and what kind of visualization do you have?

You won't get just one request for a dashboard, it will be multiple requests depending on the number of visualizations and their type.

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