File input to Watcher

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to know if there is any way I could take input for watcher, a file hosted somewhere on the server???
Until now I have found Http input option, which could be used to get results from external web service, but I couldn't find any example on how to implement it in watcher!!!

Is it possible to do what I am planning to do, and if yes, please could you elaborate??

No this is not possible. There is no file input for watchers. Also the elasticsearch process is forbidden to read files from arbitrary locations for security.

Alternatively, you could index those files into elasticsearch and retrieve them in your watcher.

Then what's the Http_input used for ??
as per my understanding, we can use it to request data from external web services, right??
If yes, then is there any way to store this file data somehow on that server and use web service to respond to requests!!!

One option is to index what is retrieved by http_input using watcher's index action so it can be acessed through elasticsearch.

Other actions are also documented.

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