Filebeat index pattern is created in ES. but cant be mapped by kibana

my file index pattern is created on elasticsearch.
but wen i m trying to create a new index pattern in kibana.this is the output:
Unable to fetch mapping. Do you have indices matching the pattern?
i performed a search query on filebeat index using kibana console which gave this output.
GET /filebeat-6.0.0-2017.11.25/_search
"query" : {
"match_all" : {}

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "security_exception",
"reason": "action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user [kibana]"
"type": "security_exception",
"reason": "action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user [kibana]"
"status": 403

plzz help me with this.

Hi Ree,

Are you using Elasticsearch and X-Pack version 6.0.0?

What roles do you have set for the kibana user? See Management -> Security -> Users and Roles.

hi adrisr
This is the message in User and roles:

You do not have permission to manage users.
Please contact your administrator.

Finally I understand whats going on. You're logging into Kibana as the kibana user. This is an internal user that is not meant to be used. Please log out of Kibana and use the elastic user. The default password is changeme if you're using the docker environment.

Thank you it worked

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