Filters continually swap/refresh, hiding mouseover

Since upgrading to Kibana 7 when I implement 2 or more filters on a dashboard they continually swap order in the filter bar. Each time they do, it seems to refresh the page thus hiding the mouseover tooltip too quickly to read it. If the filter labels are of different lengths it also becomes difficult to click the X at the end of a label to remove filters individually.

I have adjusted the refresh rate in the time picker and in the advanced setting timepicker:refreshIntervalDefaults to no effect.

This is a known issue that has recently been fixed:

A workaround is to use a browser other than Firefox, as this only happens in Firefox.

For clarity: is the workaround if I don't implement the fix, or still required after the fix?

The fix will be released in 7.3.1 and 7.4, so if you upgrade it would no longer be needed.

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