FIXED: Removed marvel-plugin and license, cluster will not start

I uninstalled marvel-plugin and license and now my cluster will not start. I don't have any other plugins.

I get no known master, can't hit _cluster/health or _cat/*. Cluster is pretty much doa. Do you have any tips to get a cluster to form again after deleting Marvel and License? Thanks.

Fix: Turned out the restart didn't really happen. The ES process was stuck. Killed it and started and it came up.

For the benefit of others: Marvel has nothing to do with master election, so this problem is most likely related to a configuration issue or a missing node.

Agreed. The licenses, ELK upgrading, marvel and watcher issues are well documented. Pretty much been a nightmare from day 1 with those plugins which is why I deleted them. Maybe someday it'll be stable and upgrade friendly. Cheers

Hi, did you turn off the entire cluster?