Flexible backup path for Snap shot UI?

Snapshot UI is not available in 1.0.0 alpha4 .

Do you have any plans to add backup path setting where you could set path on host server or external backup server instead of path inside the docker container of Snapshot UI in the beta release?

I have asked this question because according to document if you choose fs for snapshot type, the location where snapshot is stored will be on container where es node is installed. I would like to now how flexible will the choice of backup storage will be.

Hi @YuWatanabe

Yes, the snapshots functionality will work initially with blob stores that are officially supported by Elasticsearch - AWS s3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure and HDFS. Down the road (post 1.0) we will also support automated snapshotting into a shared file system mount. Note that this relates to the automated periodic snapshot functionality of ECE. You can always use the Elasticsearch API, configure additional repositories and snapshot to other targets.


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