Geo Vidualization: Circles in the water?

The grid handling of geo data produces awkward graphs. The image below shows items in the atlantic ocean.

It would be nice if circles were centered in a actual input data point. This would solve the problem in this case.

For sounds like kibana lacks important clustering based geo representation. I'd expect this algorithm would center circle and define the circle size/shading.


on the visualization page for the geomap (i.e. 'Geo Coordinates'), uncheck the field '
'Change precision on map zoom' (which tries to adjust the circles to your zoom size)
and increase the precision value. That should do the trick.


Increasing precision should help, but the problem may still remain at some level. The deeper reason for this behavior is that geo aggregations currently work on a grid. There is an enhancement coming in Elasticsearch that will allow for off-grid geo aggregations: