Get analytics with potential alerts if anomalies detected

I'm researching options how to get some analytics, for instance, I want to look into ERRORs in log_level column, and if its amount increases drastically, I want to receive an alert. There should be many such cases and it would be preferable to see such details in kibana as well (but not mandatory). I'm thinking to write for this purpose some python app, but a bit struggling regarding starting point. Probably you could guide me from what should I start? Already checked

Any advice regarding enhanced analytics and alertins would be helpful.

Starting with Python, you can use the Elasticsearch Python library to query and monitor the log data. For enhanced analytics and alerts, consider exploring Elasticsearch's built-in anomaly detection features and integrating Kibana for a comprehensive solution. AC Football Cases

I need to have free solution, so I guess Elastic anomaly detection solution isn't preferrable

how can I run queries on elastic side with python?

Perhaps look at this there is a python client for elastic

Try to see elastalert2 - GitHub - jertel/elastalert2: ElastAlert 2 is a continuation of the original yelp/elastalert project. Pull requests are appreciated!

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