Get current Kibana settings

How can I get the current Kibana (v7.17.4) settings (like elasticsearch.requestTimeout and elasticsearch.shardTimeout) to verify if my settings in kibana.yml are actually working? Thanks in advance!
Cheers, Ben

Hi, can you clarify your question a bit? Settings from kibana.yml are picked up on the server (re)staet.
Where are you running Kibana? The location of this file differs depending on how you installed Kibana. For example, if you installed Kibana from an archive distribution (.tar.gz or .zip ), by default it is in $KIBANA_HOME/config . With package distributions (Debian or RPM), it is in /etc/kibana .
On Cloud, you can select your deployment, then under Kibana you will have Edit user settings option.

Hi Maja,

I'm running Kibana and Elasticsearch as part of Security Onion (therefore the place of kibana.yml differs) and I'm only looking for the right command to get the current settings displayed in the Kibana console. Isn't that possible?

Cheers, Ben

You can get the current settings with curl or a browser request: <kibana_host>:<port>/api/kibana/settings. But note that the settings are not the same as the content of kibana.yml. You cannot access content of kibana.yml in any other way then inspecting the file directly.

Hmm, I get the following alert and increased the timeout values, without success. I have no clue what the root cause of these timeouts is, since I have no errors in my logs:


Ideas how to solve that?

No more ideas? :frowning:

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