How to get the current running configuration of Kibana in kibana.yml (on cloud)

Hey there,
I am running Kibana 6.4.0 on cloud. I am passing some variables as env in my deployment yaml. I want to see the overall running configurations of kibana.yml . In config/kibana.yml I am unable to get the current applied configurations there. Is it possible to get those configurations, if yes then where can I find it? :thinking:

While deploying the instance on cloud , forkibana.yml settings- do you see the following screen in user settings overrides

Here is where you can change the kibana.yml settings and click apply to take effect. Let us know if this works for u.


Thanks for responding @rashmi.
But I haven't seen this user settings overrides ever.
Where can I get this?
FYI, I'm using kibana-oss v6.4.0

How are you spinning your cluster on which platform ?

@rashmi Kubernetes cluster (GKE)

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@tiagocosta or @jbudz - any help here on Kubernetes cluster ?