Getting hex value as index name while retrieving visualization added in kibana

We were trying to put a visualization directly in Kibana/ElasticSearch using "/.kibana/visualization/" API. We are currently using 6.2.3 version of elasticsearch. After creating the visualization we got the following response:

Here, we got index name as a hex value. Now when we want to retrieve the visualization , we donot know the index name we need to query. Can you please elaborate what does this hex value signify and how is this mapping maintained.

That value is a UUID value that points to a specific index pattern in Kibana. All saved objects have a UUID (your visualization there does too, note the _id value in the document). You can find out which index pattern a couple ways:

  • If you open the index pattern in Kibana's management screen, you can see the UUID value in the URL

  • If you query the .kibana index, for documents with "type": "index-pattern", using curl or the Console in Kibana.

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