Getting We noticed that you don't have any data in your cluster

I have an existing ES cluster which I have used for a couple of years and finally got around to installing Kibana. Cluster has been used as backend for applications until now so we generally do not make ad hoc searches.

ES is at 6.8.8 and i installed the equivalent version of kibana.

When I connect to my new kibana instance I get "We noticed that you don't have any data in your cluster."

Clearly I am missing something fundamental. The cluster hosts over 300 indexes. I have been through the kibana config file but there is no reference to cluster name.

I have just noticed that no "kibana" index has been created.

Hello @Russell_Fulton

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I have few questions:

  • Is Kibana able to connect to Elasticsearch?
  • Do you have security (authentication enabled)? If it is the case, are you using the kibana built-in user in kibana.yml to connect to Elasticsearch? See more on our documentation.
  • Are you using TLS/SSL on Elasticsearch HTTP?
  • Did you have any setting in elasticsearch.yml or in the Cluster settings API named action.auto_create_index?

I will start again as thing seem to actually be working fine except for the misleading popup!
-- detailed answers to you questions below

while writing this up I decided to poke at kibana and see if there was anything behind the message. I went to the dev tool/console and tried running the default search "match-all" and found that all my data appears to be there, more poking I found the indexes.

I am guessing that what this popup really is saying is that nothing has been set up to tell kibana about the available indexes. Is this the case?

Kibana can connect to ES server -- I know this because initially I had a typo in the name and when I fixed that the error message went away and the kibana logo appeared.

There is no authentication -- security is controlled by firewall rules.

I am not using TLS/SSL

grep action.auto_create_index /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml returns nothing
now would I check the "Cluster settings API"?

I am pretty sure it is some sort of a permissions problem as the kibana index does not get created.

I have just had a look (again) at the logs on the ES servers but can not see any errors or any reference to kibana index.

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