Kibana showing cluster unavailable


Hi, on my elastic cloud instance 3a50eb, when I try to get to the kibana dashboard I get the following message.

{"ok":false,"message":"The requested cluster is currently unavailable"}

(Mujtaba Hussain) #2

Dude you will have to give a bit more than that :slight_smile:

  • Whats your infrastructure look like?
  • How many nodes?
  • How is Kibana meant to talk to ES cluster?
  • What does the config on both ends look like?


lol, thanks for your response, @mujtabahussain. This was probably the wrong place to put this, but for some reason I thought that elastic cloud support was done through this forum now...
Anyway, I reached out via email to, and they said that they were having some routing issues and that my problem was fixed. I didn't dig any deeper.

(Mark Walkom) #4

For future reference, please see for how to contact the team for Elastic Cloud support questions :slight_smile:

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