Kibana unavailable for 19f7ac

(Smoked Haddock) #1

Hi there,

I get this for the Kibana endpoint

{"ok":false,"message":"The requested cluster is currently unavailable"}

Please advise

many thanks

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

So is ES reachable from the Kibana machine? What's the cluster's health?

(Smoked Haddock) #3

Thanks for your reply, ES is reachable directly via REST, and Kopf is fine, it's only the Kibana endpoint that's not responding.

(Smoked Haddock) #4

PS. My apologies, Cluster health OK, memory <65%, storage <1%

(Smoked Haddock) #5

Thanks, all's well now.

(Mark Walkom) #6

@Smoked_Haddock please post Elastic Cloud related questions in the Cloud category, otherwise the team will not see your request.

(system) #7