Grafana with elasticsearch : HTTP 400 bad request issue

I am trying to bind Grafana 5.2.1 with ES 5.5.
I success to make an ES Data Source and it works perfectly ; index and time field are read correctly without error).
Then, I am facing a weird issue ; when I create a dashboard then a graph (simple histogram), I get an HTTP 400 "bad request", with the reason "Validation Failed: 1: no requests added;".

I can reproduce this exception throught a curl like this, where all stand in one line :

curl -XPOST 'http://#####:9200/_msearch' -u 'user:password' -d '{"index" : "my_index"} {"query" : {"match_all" : {}}, "from" : 0, "size" : 10}'

And if I do the curl like this (with breaking lines), it works perfectly :

curl -XPOST 'http://#####:9200/_msearch' -u 'user:password' -d '
{"index" : "my_index"}
{"query" : {"match_all" : {}}, "from" : 0, "size" : 10}


So, I presume that Grafana tranforms the query and makes something wrong.
I did not see anything about my trouble, so I'll be pleased if anyone can help me. Thanks.

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