Graph is unavailable for the current basic license. Please upgrade your license

I'm on a fresh 6.4.0 cluster. When I click Graph in Kibana, I get the following error:

Graph: Graph is unavailable for the current basic license. Please upgrade your license.

Likewise, for Machine Learning:

Machine Learning: Your basic license does not support Machine Learning. Please upgrade your license.

That seems to contradict what's stated here:

NEW The code for graph features is now open and available in our public GitHub repo. Read More

At first I assumed I just needed to manually install something, but then there's this:

Editor's Note (September 7, 2018): This post refers to X-Pack. Starting with the 6.3 release, the X-Pack code is now open and fully integrated as features into the Elastic Stack.

And this:

Getting Started
Graph is automatically enabled in Elasticsearch and Kibana.

I searched and searched, and I couldn't find any indication anywhere that Graph is excluded from Basic; everything seems to point to the contrary. What am I missing?

As outlined in this blog post, the code is now open and available on GitHub. Some features however still requires a commercial subscription, which is described towards the end of the blog post. You can see which features that are available with which license at out subscriptions page.

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I appreciate the response, but that doesn't really explain what's going on here. I'm getting conflicting messages: is Graph open, or is it not? When I search that page for the term graph, nothing comes up. I can't find a list of features that are included/excluded anywhere.

The code is open and available, but it is not released under an open-source license. For features, have a look at the subscriptions page I linked to.

Thanks, the feature breakdown that you added helps a bit. I'm still a little unclear, though: are you saying that using the source code would be a violation of the license, even if I compile it myself?

Yes, as that code is not released under an open-source license, I do not think it matters if you use a compiled package or compile it yourself.

Alright, thanks.

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