Graph logs values and not syntetic metrics about logs

I have a database that has some metrics I would like to chart in elasticsearch.
I managed to send those metrics to elasticsearch and I'm able to view them in the kibana discover as logs.
I'm looking on how I could be able to chart those data. I tried to use the visualization tools to create a chart but seems like it just shows aggregate metrics like count the values and not just plain value.
Is there some way I could be able to have a chart of the timeseries with plain values.
To make an example:
The database refreshed data every min, the data are the amount of transactions a company made in that min with a department breakdown .
I execute a query every min to get the instant values.
send those data to Elasticsearch.
desired output: graph timeseries with the amount of transactions braked down by department

I tried to find a solution but I'm a bit stuck, any clue is much appreciated.

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