Graph pseudo-metrics contained in elasticsearch

Hey guys

So lateley I've bee playing around with tht logstash/elasticsearch/kibana
combo and it works great. Unfortunately it seems to have become a bit

To get to the point: I have a specific log that is parsed every (lets say)
hour. I can parse them so that I have the data for an object in the
following fields: title=foo, value=some_integer, type=foo_something.
Unfortunately there are 5 of these objects and I want to graph them on
kibana on a pie chart. Thus the type field is used in the query, the title
field is used for the sector's label and the value field is used for it's,
well, value. Unfortunately kibana only graphs the counts of the occurrence
of data in a field. Is there an alternative to graph these psuedo-metrics?

Thank you for your help
J Carinus

PS: Sorry if I'm a bit unclear. I'm still a bit new to all the log related

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