Graph returns Unauthorized!

Hi every one,

Regarding my last installation and integration of Graph for my Elastic software stack (including elasticsearch 2.3.5, kibana 4.5.4 and logstash 2.3.3)​, I get an Unauthorized exception for any call in Graph panel. I could access the Graph with the Kibana panel, but any activity in Graph panel returned me Red textbox on top of the page with title "Unauthorized ! " without any more details.
The similar error is happened for query on Graph (such as " GET logstash-*/_graph/explore " )in sense with the detail error :
type": "security_exception",
current license is non-compliant for [graph]",
expired.feature": "graph"

After googling I found the post (Authorization Required). Would you help me to resolve issue ?

Thanks in advance.

What license do you have? Is it a trial that has expired perhaps?

Dear Mark,
Thanks for your response.

I am using basic license and my Marvel ( in license tab ), shows it will be expired on 19 Aug 2017 04:29:59.

I also follow the installation recommended in the formal page of Graph ( ).

Thanks in advance

The comment you linked to Authorization Required - #5 by skearns provides the correct diagnosis and resolution.

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