Graphic display of questions in different time frames

I use metricbeat system module collect servers data. When i choose "last 30 minutes" "last 24 hours" and "today",the data shown in the graph is too different. Can you explain why this is happening? Is it a statistical problem? (Version is 7.13.4)
like this:

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From what I see in the pictures, the last two charts are very similar: for both "24 hours" and "today" you have buckets of 10 minutes and the only difference is the X offset - in one case it starts 24 hours ago and the latter at 00:01 of today.

As for the first chart, you have a different bucketing (30 seconds vs 10 minutes), changing the granularity of the data changes also a bit the "shape" of it.
Did I understand right your question, or do you mean difference in some other aspect?

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