Graphs show similar stats

Hi Team

I am getting data from filebeat and reading iis and tomcat logs to check traffic on my internal websites. But my graphs looks similar which I think is not showing correct data. Here is my configuration. Can you please tell me if I have configured it correctly.

Sorry I can't really read the charts you posted and am not 100% sure what you are trying to do, so maybe you can describe what you want the charts to be and how they seem to differ from what you were expecting?

We have few internal testing environments to be used by different teams. I want the graphs to show the user traffic and numbers of hits to the internal environments.

I have installed filebeat and using IIS module to monitor the IIS access logs and for Linux am using Apache2 module to monitor Apachae2.access logs.

I want to monitor how many people are accessing these environments. But when I hove-rover the graphs for different servers. I see its showing same value for different environments over a period of time. So I am skeptical if the data shown on graph is accurate or not.

These two images show same number of users during a time. 24 users are accessing the site. It can be coincidence but I see similar pattern on different environments. which is think is not accurate.

You can see my Bar-graph configuration in my previous comment.

I tried a similar configuration out locally and it worked as I expected it to. Which version of Kibana are you using (I tried this on master).


I am using 6.6.1 version. Do you see any issue how am configuring the graph?

Tried this on the same version you are running with basically the same config and it works as I expect. Not sure what the issue is here.

@Bill_McConaghy I will try to test on one of our environment and see if its showing accurate data. Thanks.

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