Has anyone bundled ELK as an OVA?

Has anyone bundled ELK as an OVA?

One which can be deployed to VM Ware or another hypervisor in a matter of minutes so that trying out the ELK stack becomes more accessible to everyone?

Thank you

I do have a demo box showing lots of features: https://github.com/xeraa/vagrant-elastic-stack

It is using Vagrant to provision a VM. I can export it as an OVA and provide that if this is helping you.

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Thanks @xeraa I'll read up on the github repo and see if it would work for me; I'm setup to spin 14 LTS VMs easily; I was only asking for an OVA since I'm yet to see a truly working (without having to monkey with it for an hour after the automation runs) vagrant script but this maybe a first for me. Thank you. I will ping you if I get stuck.

You know a VM Ware OVA would be most appreciated if that isn't a big hassle. I did try the Vagrant but got to a road block with all that provider biz, etc.


@bubba198 I've just exported the OVA box and added the details to https://github.com/xeraa/vagrant-elastic-stack

Please let me know if that works for you or open an issue on the repo if something doesn't work as expected.

Thank you! However the file is 0k using the S3 link provided ( https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/xeraa/public/elastic-stack.ova)

My bad, my upload failed during the night. Should be good to go now...

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looking good; I'm downloading it now. Thank you!

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