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I have given 2 URLs in inline heartbeat monitor and in Uptime dashboard it is showing 2 monitors. But when I'm running a rule for Email connector, it is showing data of only 1 monitor i.e. 1 URL only. Can somebody help me how I can get those 2 monitors details inside a single mail.

Hi @Jivraj_Dahake and thanks for your interest in the Uptime UI. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues with Alerting.

Can you let me know which version of the Elastic Stack you're running? It sounds like you have configured two monitors, and you're trying to create a rule that will cover both of them. The Monitor Status alert in Uptime creates alerts on an individual basis, so if you have two monitors covered by a rule and they're both down long enough for the rule to create an alert, you can expect two emails.

Here are a few things to check when you're setting up your alerts:

As you can see below the Uptime UI is showing the two monitors I have configured, and they're both down.

If you look in the flyout on the right, just below the Uptime monitor status subheading, the blue callout says "This alert will apply to approximately 2 monitors". You should see a similar message if you have two monitors, and if that number is only 1 you may have some filtering applied that is excluding one of them.

Using a setup like this with the default messaging used by the mail connector, I configured my rule like below:

Lastly, once my rule started executing, it created an alert for the two monitors I have down. I received two emails like this:

Hopefully that can provide you a path to configuring the rule you want. If you're still having trouble please let me know.

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